November 27, 2020

The Simple Way To Make Design Decisions For Your Home

Whether you’re looking to build a new home from scratch, renovate your kitchen, or simply choose the right accessories for your coffee table you’ve probably encountered some difficulty making decisions about your home’s design or décor.

The story might look a little like this: You get an idea for a new project, like freshening up your bathroom with a new vanity. You start searching on Pinterest, then Instagram, then back to Pinterest for ideas for the perfect vanity and instantly your mind is filled with questions.

Should I choose a pedestal sink to make the space feel bigger? What if we don’t have enough storage? Maybe I should choose a vanity with drawers, but what size will look best in my space? Should I go with painted cabinets or wood on the base? Would it be too distracting to choose a bold colour, or should I stick with a neutral?

And suddenly, you have more questions than answers, and are nowhere near making a decision.

This is called analysis-paralysis, and it’s completely normal.

In fact, one of the most common phrases we hear from our clients is “I love too many things, how do I choose?”

But even though analysis-paralysis is normal, it sure makes designing your home difficult. Luckily, after helping clients of ours overcome this issue for years, we have a simple solution to this problem that makes choosing things for your home much easier!

Start with one question: Which one of these items makes you FEEL the best?

It sounds simple, but this really works. Here’s why –

Design is all about evoking a feeling in the space you’re creating – it’s not about achieving a certain aesthetic as much as it is about making you feel a certain way when you walk through the door. In any interior design, there are many unique elements, each of which evoke a different look and feel, like a personality, that spill over onto us when we enter a room. This personality has the power the change the way we act and feel in the space.

As an example, you’re probably not looking to create a modern farmhouse dining room as much as you’re wanting to create a warm, inviting space that encourages the ones you love most to gather.

Or you’re probably not looking to create a moody dining room as much as you’re wanting to create a space that feels elegant, dramatic, and adult – basically, a space that feels like it’s about to host the coolest dinner party ever.

At its core, designing your home is never truly about achieving a certain theme, it’s about creating a certain feeling. So, when you can’t decide between two choices for your home, start by asking yourself, “which feels best?” and “how do I want this room to feel while I’m in it?” and those answers will help you make the best choice for your home every time. This approach to design is something we call Designing with Feeling, and it’s one of our guiding principles at Danielle Jaworski Designs.

But in addition to helping you make better design choices, asking yourself how an item feels has another benefit: it makes your space feel more alive and memorable. While working in our family business of building new homes and real estate, I was constantly mindful of what elements make one house stand out over the other and why I felt so alive in certain rooms over others – and it all came down to which spaces were designed with feeling. Because at the end of the day, you might not remember the art on the walls or the furniture on the floors, but you will remember the way the space made you feel when you entered it.

Want to see this principle in action? Check out our gallery of past client projects to learn more about how we designed them with feeling.