December 9, 2021

The Homewell Guide to Style your Fireplace Mantlepiece



With every season comes a new opportunity to decorate our homes. Though finding the right balance between too many candles and never enough tree ornaments can seem like a challenge, we are here to help you re-imagine your mantlepiece for the holidays. 


1. The Greenery

Whether you’re adding a festive garland or going for a more minimal potted version, adding greenery to your mantlepiece is the first step to creating a cozy and festive look. 

Though customarily garlands are made of beautiful pine or cedar branches, we have come to love using faux greenery for a less messy and a more long lasting option. Other non-traditional garlands we have seen and loved have included potted branches, minimal evergreen bunches or adding a lush wreath above your fireplace.



2. Mantlepiece Ornaments 

Carry the charm of your Christmas tree over to your cozy fireplace by hanging a few of your favorite ornaments from your greenery or garland. 

Since it is easy to clutter the area below the top of your mantle, we recommend keeping the space balanced by either spreading your favorite pieces out evenly along your garland or by grouping them in threes. For a more familiar touch, add your personalized stockings and watch as your family get’s excited for the time of gift giving. 



3. Seasonal Decorations

At Homewell, we generally take a ‘less is more’ approach when decorating spaces. As we gear up for the holidays, we are taking this same approach by sticking to a more neutral color palette and focusing on adding meaningful pieces in natural materials.

To achieve a festive look that will draw attention to your mantlepiece, try adding brass candlesticks and tapers along the top of the mantle or including seasonal figurines in between your greenery. By adding a familiar touch to this section of your home, you are able to create a cozy space for your family to enjoy on those cold winter evenings.



We hope these ideas have inspired you to make your home merry and bright for another season spent sharing moments with our loved ones in front of a warm (and very festive) fireplace!