January 26, 2021

6 Interior Design Tips to Refresh Your Home

Spring is one of our favorite times to refresh your home, bringing in new life and energy and a great time to focus on making your home beautiful! In nature, spring is a time of rebirth which can also translate in your home helping you and your soul feel your best.

These are our top 6 ways to refresh your home to make you feel fresh and energized!

1.Swap out your pillows and throw blankets

A few little changes can make a big difference in a room!  Refresh the throw pillows with ones that are brighter and lighter in material, bringing in an airy & fresh feeling!  Changing your warm & thick wool blankets for a lighter fabric and if you have patterned pillows, playing mix and match is always a fun!

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2.  Paint your wall or add new wallpaper

Adding a fresh coat of on trend paint colour or patterned wallpaper is a budget friendly and simple way to update your space bringing in new life!  We are a fan of classic neutrals to open up a space and make it brighter, cleaner and fresher!

3.  Swap out your photos and wall art

We love to change wall art and photographs seasonally.  Being in Canada, we have great pictures in the snow however in the spring and summer months, we prefer beach photos instead!  Swap out old photos whether they are on your wall in hanging frames or sitting on your desk.  It will bring a new perspective to your day.

4.  Get a new fresh rug

There is always a happy, joyful feeling when you get a brand new rug!  It is clean, fresh and changes up the look and feel of your room!  We love patterned rugs or vintage rugs so do not be afraid to be bold.

5.  Add some houseplants

Bringing nature indoors is one of the best ways to make you feel great during the cold, winter months before the warm weather hits.  Plants have air purifying properties that can improve your health & well being which is always a win — plus, they make your space look full of life!

6.  Rearrange your furniture

So this may seem like an obvious choice but one that is most overlooked!  When we think about refreshing our space as a society sometimes we are  quick to think we need to go out and buy new items.  Sometimes, this is case but other times, depending on the look and feel of your space, simply rearranging the furniture can work wonders and help you feel re-energized!